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  • E850
    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
  • E580
    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
  • E678
    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
  • E730
    Wraps Your Home In Warmth
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06 May 2015

Heats much more of your home!

Typically wood-burning stoves may overheat the room in which they stand without distributing heat to other parts of the home as successfully as does the Ecco Stove.

Due to the nature of Silicon Carbide (the material as used to construct the Ecco Stove), heat is emitted in very flat low frequency heat waves, which will permeate gently through the home to fill the whole house envelope (not just the room) – provided doors are left open.

Each model has a higher heating capacity from between 140m2 up to 280m2 to satisfy most of the home heating needs.